Selasa, 19 Februari 2013

Before I Die


1. Get a bucket of white roses from someone i love

2. Know a gentleman who want to playing guitar or piano for me

3. Know a gentleman who want to hold my hand and say i love you so much
4. Move to France
5. Organize a big party
6. First Kiss
7. Decorate my own room be an 'orange' room
7. Have my own wardrobe for my all stuff
8. Have a romance day
9. Dancing on fronzen lake
10. Have a twins daughters
11. Have many cute cats
12. Know a boy who want to sing for me
13. Make a girls jealous because of us; my boy and i
14. Watch sunset with my boy
15. Shopping with my bestfriends
16. Meet my kindergarten's friends
17. Feel his heartbeat on my hug
18. Make my hair full of colour
19. Go to the ice cream world
20. Get a kiss on the forehead on the ferris wheel
21. Get a ring from my boy
22. Get a hug when i sad and crying
23. Watch a movie on my own theater
24. Make a big snowball
25. Be Ghassani Shabrina R.

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